Which wine is good for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. At the Ideal Wine Company we think nothing says “Thank you” or “I Love You” more than a bottle of fine wine. But how do you select the right vintage? Keep reading for a few tips on choosing the perfect bottle for Mother’s Day.

Be observant

The easiest way to see what kind of wine your mother would like is to take note of which type she prefers to dink. If you don’t already know, spend some extra time with your mum in the run up to Sunday 6th March so you can find out for yourself which styles of wine she favours. Not only will you find out whether to buy her red, white or rose for the occasion, but you’ll give her the best gift of all – your time!

Ask her friends

Is your mother the type of woman who loves indulging in a good glass of vino with her friends every once in a while? If so, use those friends as a source of information – ask them what kind of grapes she prefers. Is she a Pinot Noir lover or does she prefer Sauvignon Blanc wines; they should know!

Sample it yourself

We don’t think you should ever gift a wine without trying it yourself first. How can you know whether your mother would like a wine if you don’t know whether you’d choose it yourself? Take some time to sample a few wines; make sure you smell them before you consume. By doing this, you can determine the specific tastes that give character to the vintage e.g. sugar, wood, flowers etc. and you can use these to figure out whether the bottle’s right for your mum.

Turn to us

As fine wine experts, at the Ideal Wine Company we provide advice on a number of key wine topics. Use our insight to help you find the best bottle for Mother’s Day. For example, if your mother’s a big chocolate lover and you are going to buy her a box for 6th March, turn to us to find out the rules for pairing wine with chocolate, so you’ll pick a combination your mum is sure to love!

Occasion wines

Do you want to go above and beyond to this Mother’s Day? Buy her a decadent bottle of fine wine to treat her like she deserves. You can turn to the Ideal Wine Company’s Occasion wines to source a truly special vintage. If you really want to push the boat out, why not buy the Dom Perignon Rose 1996 from the Ideal Wine Company? A truly stellar vintage, this bottle boasts the luxurious combination of tastes you need to make your mum feel amazing this Mother’s Day.