Around the world in 80 Harvests

As an industry, wine is far from monolithic. Each wine making country around the world has its own distinct, unique wine culture for you to discover. A journalist has decided to travel the globe across 80 wine harvests, sharing her experiences with readers.

Wines across the globe

The Ideal Wine Company recently named the five best cities for wine lovers in 2016 which included Porto, San Francisco, Cape Town and Vienna. Visit any one of these wine havens and you’ll find something new and different every time.

When you travel to a new wine destination, we suggest you take some time to explore its vineyards to discover how different countries have developed their own distinct wine making traditions over time. If you’re in Cape Town for instance, you can get hotel packages which allow you to tour more than 130 wineries and vineyards, giving you a wonderful chance to learn about South African wine making. But what if you don’t have time or money to go trotting round the globe visiting vineyards?

Around the world

You could always travel the planet in 80 harvests with British wine journalist Amanda Barnes. The Drinks Business reports that Barnes has launched a new project where she’ll visit 80 wine regions in 42 countries over a two year period from 2016-2017, during the autumn harvest in each hemisphere. She’ll then write a book about the project, appropriately called Around the World in 80 Harvests.

Barnes and her team will visit a variety of places from old world regions like Burgundy and Champagne to new world areas like India, Thailand, Namibia and Peru. Commenting on the project, Barnes said: “The key to understanding any wine is to understand where it comes from – the people, the place, the conditions and the traditions… There is no better time to get to grips with the ‘terroir’ than when the grapes are being harvested. This is the ethos behind 80 Harvests.”

Online wine

But you don’t have to wait for the book to come out. Barnes is inviting wine lover to join her as she trots the globe through an interactive website, social media channels and a monthly digital magazine. She’ll post live streams of interviews with a range of wine experts, along with photos of her trip, webinars and online wine tastings as she goes.

Explaining the online element of the project, Barnes noted: “Not only will the content itself be unique, but also the approach…  I want everyone to be part of the process of writing this book, and get to see each region as we visit them and connect with the people and the place.” But the journalist needs to secure funding before she goes around the world in 80 harvests, so she’s initiated a Kickstarter campaign to bankroll the project, which will run until 27th March 2016.

Learn about wine with the Ideal Wine Company

We’d suggest you that you learn as much about wine as you can, in order to truly appreciate this complex tipple. Around the World in 80 Harvests will provide you with one great wine resource, but you can find out plenty from the Ideal Wine Company. We supply a range of guides on subjects such as storing your wine, which give you the knowledge you need to get the most of this fabulously rich drink!