Figures Show the UK Really Loves Champagne

New figures have shown the Ideal Wine Company that Britons are increasingly developing a taste for Champagne. Last year, UK Champagne sales outpaced the rest of the world!

Record year

Champagne is the ultimate luxury tipple. Its decadent bubbles and rich flavours have made this French sparkling wine a signature ‘celebration drink’ around the world. As time goes by, we’ve seen evidence which suggests that people are increasingly coming to love this luxurious tipple.

Estimates from news agency Reuters indicate that 2015 was a record year for Champagne. The publication estimated that 312 million (m) bottles of Champagne were sold around the world last year, a 2% – 3% increase on the year before. This estimate was confirmed by the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC), an industry trade body. They said that 312.5m bottles of the French sparkling wine were sold globally in 2015, with sales equalling €4.75 billion – up 5.6% on 2014.

UK market

The UK has long been the world’s largest Champagne export market. It has held this position every year since 1996 and has only conceded it four times since 1985. New figures from CIVC suggest that the nation continued to hold this title throughout 2015.

Industry publication The Drinks Business reports that the volume Champagne shipments to the UK increased by a staggering 4.5% last year. What’s really amazing is that the UK’s Champagne market grew at three times the same rate of the global Champagne sector as a whole in 2015.

Growing value

Meanwhile, the CIVC data also revealed that the value of Champagne shipments to the UK expanded by an even more phenomenal 7.3% during 2015. Françoise Peretti, the Director of the Champagne Bureau in the UK commented on this saying:

“The focus for everyone in Champagne is value, not volume. Champagne growers and houses understand the precious heritage of which they are the keepers, and they will spare no effort to conserve and enhance it.” CIVC President Bruno Paillard explained that the value of Champagne exports not just to the UK, but around the world, rose last year “because of the increase in the price of grapes.”

Find value with us

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