Wine Making is a Dream Job for Britons

As an online wine retailer,  Ideal Wine Company we believe that we work in one of the most exciting industries on earth. A new study suggests that a significant portion of the UK population agree with us, as it found that wine making is a dream job for Britons.

Through the ages

Wine making has a long and extensive history. Archaeological evidence suggests that the practise was prominent in early civilisations such as Ancient Greece. It was extremely popular in the Roman Empire, who brought wine making to many of the world’s most successful modern wine producing countries, such as France and Spain.

As Europe ventured out to the new world, wine making reached the far flung corners of the planet such as California, Chile, Australia and South Africa. As we suggested when looking at five of the world’s best wine cities, new world metropolises such as San Francisco and Cape Town have since gone on to become big hits with global wine tourists. Now it appears that as we move into the 21st Century, wine making is as popular as it ever was…

Dream jobs

Industry portal The Drinks Business reports that a study commissioned by The Balvenie Scotch brand for their new marketing campaign has revealed the UK’s dream jobs. Nearly one in ten (9%) of the 2,000 people surveyed said that their ideal vocation would be to make beer or wine.

This means that beer and wine making is the eighth most popular dream job in the UK. The practise was more popular than pottery and farming, which were listed ninth and tenth on the study respectively. Jobs that ranked higher on the list than beer and wine making included artist, jewellery designer and chef, indicating that Britons are very creative people!

The research also looked at why people choose to take up crafts, such as beer and wine making. A majority (62%) of those questioned said they decide to turn their hands to crafts because they find these activities therapeutic. Over half (52%) admitted they like to learn everything there is to know about a new skill, while 43% suggested they simply thrive on the thrill of creating something new.

Know your product

It is no surprise that wine making is a popular dream vocation for Britons. As so many civilisations have discovered over the course of human history, creating wine can be a relaxing activity which allows you to develop a fantastic, mouth-watering product!

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