What Equipment Do You Need To Host A Wine Tasting

If you’re looking to set off your next dinner party, think about throwing a wine tasting. This will allow you to sample some truly great vintages, while hosting an event your guests will certainly remember! The Ideal Wine Company lists what equipment you’ll need to host a wine tasting.

A few good bottles

You can’t put on a wine tasting without any wine! You may want to think of buying wines online with Ideal Wine Company for your event. We feature a range of bottles from some of the most noteworthy wine making regions on the planet. If you’re throwing a vertical wine tasting, buy several bottles of the same varietal to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!

A basic wine vocabulary

Wine making is an art form. Over the years, the industry has practically developed its own language. Therefore you will need at least a basic understanding of wine-related terminology so you can ensure your guests can engage with your wine tasting event effectively. On our website we feature a glossary of key wine terms, allowing you to learn the information you need to turn yourself into a wine buff!

The right glassware

Obviously, you can’t drink wine without glasses. However, don’t just pour your chosen vintages into any glass. The shape of a wine glass matters, as it can affect the way the product tastes, so it’s vital you choose the right glassware for your wine tasting. Also, if you’re planning on serving red wine, make sure you have a decanter at the ready. With this vital piece of glassware, you can let your red wine breathe before serving, so you guests can appreciate the rich complexities of your chosen vintage!

Palate cleansers

The key to throwing an effective wine tasting is ensuring your guests have access to a few good palate cleansers. These items allow people to clear away the taste of the wine they have just consumed, so they can fully appreciate the delicate mix of flavours presented by the next bottle. We’d suggest that you provide every guest with a glass of water and lay on bland snacks such as plain bread.

A spittoon

Speaking of cleansing palates, you might want to ensure you have a spittoon at the ready when you throw your next wine tasting. By providing guests with a place they can dispose of excess wine, you will ensure that they maintain the sobriety needed to enjoy every vintage they sample. A spittoon is also useful for unwanted wine dregs!

Get ready to drink

Once you’ve gathered your equipment, set it up and get ready to drink! By throwing a wine tasting, you can open yourself up to a whole new world. While making sure your dinner party guests have such a great time, they’ll beg you to host another wine tasting!