How To Sell Wine Through Ideal Wine Company

Are you looking to make a profit on your fine wine collection? Did you know that we also buy wine? Here we explain how you can sell wine through Ideal Wine Company.

Buying wines online

If you’re thinking of buying wine online, let Ideal Wine Company help you find the right vintage for your taste buds. We sell a range of bottles from various wine making regions, from old world specialists such as Burgundy to emerging new world players like Australia, for very reasonable prices.

Buying wines online with Ideal Wine Company is pretty easy. Just find the bottle, add it to your shopping basket and then head to the check out, where you can pay for your purchase. You can also take advantage of our outstanding delivery service, so we can send your bottles direct to you. But what if instead of wanting to buy wine, you have a few vintages you no longer wish to drink?

Selling your wine

You could always sell your wine through Ideal Wine Company! There are specific types of wine that most wine merchants, including us, would love to get their hands on. Therefore, if you enlist our help to sell your wine, you could really end up benefitting. Note that wine merchants react more favourably to full wine cases, which have been placed in their original wooden crates and stored correctly. The price they offer you for your bottles will be lower than the price they sell these vintages at.

If you wish to sell wine through Ideal Wine Company, there are three ways you can do so. First, you can ask us to buy your wine directly from you. Second, you could place your wine for sale on our website; note that there is a 12.5% commission charge applied. Once the legal cancellation period has passed and we have received settlement we will send your money, minus commission, straight to you.

Please note that with the seacond option, you cannot set your own price when you advertise wine on Ideal Wine Company’s website. We will thoroughly check your wines to determine quality, before setting the price ourselves. If you don’t want to pursue either of these options, you can ask us for advice and to provide details of wine market competitors who may be interested in offering you a price for your bottles. It’s also useful to know that we don’t accept card payments when we sell stock on your behalf.

Let us help

Here at Ideal Wine Company, we make it our mission to provide you with first rate customer service. If you want to sell your wine, we will try to make the process as easy as possible for you, whilst also securing a good price for your product. As a fine wine enthusiast, you may want to use your new found earnings to peruse our product lists to find new wines to sample!