How Many Bottles Are There In a Case of Wine?

As a fine wine enthusiast, you may think this is a simple question. However, there are occasions when the answer to the question “how many bottles are there in a case of wine” is not as simple as you’d expect.

Broadening specialist knowledge

People have been making wine for centuries. As wine production has evolved, the industry has developed its own language. It is vital that you understand the words and phrases associated with making and buying wine, in order to build up a strong wine collection!

There are a number of tools you can use to learn more about wine terminology. If you click onto the Ideal Wine Company website you’ll find that we feature a number of useful resources such as our glossary page, where we explain key wine-related terms. You may also want to check out our frequently asked questions page, where we provide you with answers to common wine queries.

Wine in cases

We have devoted a section of this page to answering the question “how many bottles are there in a case of wine.” As an industry standard, a case will hold 12×75 centilitre (cl) bottles of wine, although some producers do offer “half cases” which contain six bottles. Some cases may contain less bottles but the same amount of overall liquid e.g. a case of six magnums.

In order to understand this information, you may also need to learn about different bottle sizes used by the industry. Visit our bottle formats page where we list the different types of bottles used by wine producers. Here you will find, for example, that a magnum contains 150 cl of liquid. We also list how the various sizes measure up against standard bottles e.g. one magnum equals two standard bottles, so you can determine how many bottles of wine you may find in a case.

If you buy wine online from Ideal Wine Company, you can have up to 12 bottles (the standard number in a case) sent straight to your door at our minimum delivery charge. As part of our first-rate delivery service, it’s only £15 (plus VAT) for orders up to 12 bottles. For larger orders please contact Ideal Wine Company to determine delivery charges.

Appreciate your wine

The best wines need to be appreciated. If you want to get the most out of a fine wine, think about ordering a case, so you will have 12 bottles of your desired tipple to sup on! Let’s say you choose to buy the Chateau Haut Brion 1996, a vibrant Bordeaux red, from Ideal Wine Company. By ordering an entire case of this smooth Bordeaux, you’ll have enough to supply your next dinner party, after you have given it a try for yourself!