France Dominates Global Wine Industry

New figures have indicated that France dominated the global wine industry last year, selling more wine in terms of value than any other country throughout 2015.

Global consumption figures

Global industry body The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) recently released worldwide wine sale and consumption figures for 2015. OIV’s data suggests that five nations are responsible for drinking half the world’s supply of wine. In descending order they are the US (31%) France (11%), Germany (9%), Italy (9%) and China (7%).

According to the OIV, American wine enthusiasts consumed an extraordinary amount of the tipple in 2015; around 31 million (m) hectolitres to be precise. The US was followed by France, at 27.2m hectolitres and there was a massive rise in wine consumption in China. In 2014, wine enthusiasts in The People’s Republic consumed 15.5m hectolitres, this rose to 16m hectolitres last year.

Wine sales by volume

Now let’s turn to wine sales. In terms of exports by volume, Spain was the most successful wine-producing nation of 2015. French news outlet The Local reports that the Iberian nation exported 24m hectolitres of wine last year. Italy followed, exporting 20m hectolitres of wine by volume in 2015,

With this, the Italian market share for wine now measures an impressive €5.3 billion (bn). If you want to see why Italian wine was so popular with consumers last year, buy the Dal Forno Romano Amarone della Valpolicella 2003 from Ideal Wine Company. This wonderfully vibrant, incredibly robust Italian red will absolutely blow your taste buds away.

Wine sales by value

OIV figures show that the global wine market grew 11% in 2015, meaning that it was worth a phenomenal €28.3bn by the close of the year. In terms of value, France was the most successful wine exporter of 2015. France’s market share value expanded to 29% last year, meaning that the country’s wine sector is now worth €8.2bn. At 14m hectolitres, France was third in terms in wine export by volume in 2015.

No country does fine wine like France, which is often regarded as the capital of the global wine making industry. From Champagne to Bordeaux, French wine regions have been making the tipple for centuries, honing their skills to ensure they can provide consumers with the finest wines in the world. This reputation for excellence allowed France to lead the world in wine exports by value in 2015.

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