Keep wine fresh for longer with Ideal Wine Company

Once you open a bottle of wine, you can only store it for so long before it becomes undrinkable. However, there is now a new type of Decanter which keeps wine fresh for a longer period of time!

Keeping wine fresh

Yes, it is true that certain wines get better as they age. However, this only applies if the vintage remains unopened. After you pop the cork, you only have so long to consume your wine before it becomes undrinkable. The infographic below from industry portal Wine Folly shows how long you can store an opened bottle of wine for.

The infographic states that you should only keep sparkling wines such as Champagne for between one and three days. Light whites wines and roses will keep for between five and seven days.

As long as you store them in a fridge and if you put red wine in a cool, dark place, it will last for between three and  five days. But what if we told you that there’s now a product which will allow you to keep wine fresh for up to three weeks?

Wine Squirrel

The Daily Mail reports that this product is the Wine Squirrel. Created by Maurice and Tom Gonsalves, the Wine Squirrel is a crystal glass device which contains a plunger. Wine spoils because of oxygen in the air, changing its chemical composition and damaging its taste over time. The Wine Squirrel’s plunger forms an airtight seal inside the device, keeping the vintage fresh for up to three weeks.

The Wine Squirrel is really easy to use. All you have to do is pour the wine – red or white, it doesn’t matter, into the device. Then, you push down the plunger so it sits just above the liquid. After this, you twist the knob on the top of the plunger, forming an airtight seal and ensuring the drink cannot escape.

The innovative entrepreneurs have launched a campaign on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter to fund the general release of the product, raising £32,000 so far at the time of writing.

Innovative product

The Wine Squirrel will hit the shelves in November 2016, selling for £60. It can currently be pre-ordered for just £31. Explaining the unique nature of this invention, Maurice commented:

“Wine Squirrel is the only decanter to use a patent-pending sealing mechanism to keep wine robust and flavourful for weeks at a time. With the ability to hold up to one bottle of wine, this decanter makes drinking one glass of wine and hoping it stays fresh for a few days a thing of the past. The key to sealing wine without letting any oxygen into the decanter is Wine Squirrel’s patent-pending mechanism.

“This mechanism is easy to use and provides an airtight seal so secure that users can place the decanter horizontal or upside down without causing a mess. We have tested Wine Squirrel endlessly with both red and white wine to make sure it is effective on all fronts.  Wine Squirrel is truly unique in its elegance, simplicity and ability to preserve wine for weeks.”

Test out these products

The potential of the Wine Squirrel and similar products is enormous. You could use these inventions to get the most out of your wine, ensuring your vintage stays fresh for longer. Try the Hermitage La Chapelle 1985 from the Ideal Company. With the Wine Squirrel, you could ensure that this complex, robust Rhone red remains drinkable for up to three weeks after you open the bottle!