What is Oenology?

Oenology is the scientific study of wine production. It covers the complete wine-making process from growing grapes to promoting wine to consumers. In order to shed more light on this subject, Ideal Wine Company explains the role of an oenologist.

Working with grapes

The goal of an oenologist is to develop outstanding wines. This starts at the beginning of the wine-making process, as they are often tasked with selecting the best land for grape vineyards. Oenologists receive training on issues such as climate, soil chemistry and the fermentation process, allowing them to select the best land for grape-growing.

Information portal Wise Geek notes that oenologists are also responsible for ensuring that grape harvesting goes off without a hitch. Professionals in this field can differentiate grapes by colour and taste. This allows oenologists to ensure that grapes are picked from the vine only when they reach peak condition, so they possess the beautiful flavour needed to make great wine.

Overseeing wine production

Oenologists also oversee grape preparation and wine production. They can determine the scientific differences between red and white wine grapes, so oenologists often help ensure the right grapes are used to make specific wines. These professionals take part in adding cultured yeasts and additional sugars to crushed grapes, to facilitate fermentation and turn the grape juice into wine.

The wine is then left to ferment in a container for a specific period of time. The container and time frame depends on the variety of wine being made. After the fermentation process has been completed, an oenologist will use their ability to classify wines by smell, taste and appearance to determine whether it is ready for packaging or aging in glass bottles. Some wines can be sold immediately, while others need to be aged, sometimes for years, to ensure they reach their best.

Promoting wines

Oenologists are primarily responsible for managing wine-making, but they also sometimes help market bottles to the general public. Oenologists meet with potential buyers and use their expert knowledge to explain why they should purchase the product in question. Oenologists who promote wines are sometimes also involved in arranging wine tastings, using their skills to ensure that potential buyers receive a first-rate experience when sampling the bottles in question.

Find wine information

In other words, when people study oenology, they gain the knowledge needed to develop first-rate wine for your drinking pleasure. If you wish to understand what an oenologist means when they talk about wine, you must first learn the meaning of the words they use to talk about wine-making. On Ideal Wine Company’s website you can find a glossary which features key wine making terms. This will provide you with some of the information required to understand further what experts mean when they discuss wine.