Wimbledon Sparks Major Champagne Sales Boost

New reports suggest that the recently-held Wimbledon tennis tournament sparked a major boost in supermarket wine sales. Ideal Wine Company investigates.

Celebrating victory

Wimbledon is an iconic annual British tennis tournament, held in Wimbledon, London. Wimbledon 2016 took place between 27th June and 10th July, seeing Scotsman Andy Murray beat Canadian Milos Raonic to take his second Wimbledon Men’s Title. This tennis tournament is a major national event, with Murray’s win, which made him the only man to win multiple singles titles since the 1930s, making it even more special for the British public this time around.

How do you mark a momentous occasion like Wimbledon? With Champagne of course! This signature French sparkling wine is practically synonymous with luxury, so it makes a great celebrations drink. On Ideal Wine Company website’s ‘Occasions Page’ you’ll find a range of great Champagnes, such as the Dom Perignon 2000, which are perfect for marking the special moments in your life.

Surging sales

It looks as though British tennis fans agree with us, as telecoms company BT reports that supermarket Champagne sale surged during Wimbledon. Asda’s Champagne sales increased by a phenomenal 400% during the tournament. In contrast Asda sales of Pimm’s, the traditional Wimbledon drink, during the tournament dropped by 25% from the same time in 2015.

Commenting on this trend, an Asda spokesperson said: “Since the start of Wimbledon we have seen a real spike in the sales of champagne. It seems Brits turn their back on Pimm’s during the rain and instead champagne is the tipple of the summer. We see prosecco and champagne going head to head all the time but this is the first time champagne has outsold Pimm’s in the summer months.”

Meanwhile, Lidl’s sales of both Champagne and Jeeves, its own brand of Pimm’s, increased by nearly 30% during Wimbledon’s first week, when compared with the week prior. During Wimbledon, upmarket retailer Marks & Spencer’s saw its Champagne, Pimm’s and Prosecco sales climb by 63%, 84% and a whopping 298% respectively.

Splurging on luxury

BT spoke to fans who were watching Wimbledon on nearby Henman Hill on why they like to drink Champagne or Pimm’s during the tournament. Explaining her preference for the French sparkling wine, 32 year old Emma Couper from Tooting said:  “Champagne every time – depending if the budget allows. It’s a special occasion.”

She makes a valid point. After the global economic crash of 2008, many Brits started drinking Prosecco instead of Champagne, due to money worries. But data from the Office for National Statistics shows that when the economy started to recover in 2015, UK consumers started drinking more Champagne. It seems that when really special events roll around and Brits have money to spend, many choose to splurge on luxury products such as Champagne to celebrate in style!