When Are Wine Grapes Harvested?

You might want to schedule your holidays to coincide with wine grape harvesting time. During this period, you get to learn more about the wine-production process, deepening your knowledge of fine wines. To help you plan your next holiday, Ideal Wine Company asks: when are wine grapes harvested?

Rich wine cultures

Wine has been made for thousands of years. Over time, a variety of distinct wine-making cultures developed across the planet, providing you with plenty of options for wine holidays. With so many destinations to choose from, which wine region should you visit on your next getaway?

Planning your holidays

There are old world destinations like Porto, which have produced wine for centuries. There are new world places like San Francisco, which are now becoming known for making quality wines. There are cities like Hong Kong, which aren’t famous for making wine, but have thriving scenes. But if you want to learn more about wine-making, the best wine cities are those based near vineyards, like Cape Town.

Harvesting season 

With cities like Cape Town, industry portal Wine Folly writes, it’s best to visit in harvesting time, when the grapes are really ripe. Wine grapes are cultivated in hotter climates, but they are harvested during cooler periods, so you’ll be more comfortable. Also vineyards bustle with activity during the harvest, allowing you to strike up conversations with professional wine-makers and observe as they work.

Grape picking times

So when are wine grapes harvested? These fruits are usually picked for two months every year, because grapes ripen at various times. Grapes need exposure to light, so they are grown in summer and harvested for two months in autumn, so they do not wither under icy winter temperatures.

But seasons are determined by the tilt of the earth’s axis, so autumn takes place at different points in the year in the northern or southern hemispheres. Say you want to travel to Cape Town, based in the southern hemisphere. Cape Town’s harvesting season falls between February and April, so this is the best time to visit. But if you want to holiday in countries like France, go between August and October.

Sample the wines

If you’re looking to take a holiday anytime soon, you might want to visit a northern hemisphere-based wine-making region, before the harvest ends in October. To prepare yourself for the experience, try some wine from the region you’re planning to visit. Say you want to see Italian vineyards in the next month. Buy the Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT 1990, a robust Italian red, from Ideal Wine Company!