What Is The Ideal Wine Gift For Halloween?

When it comes to giving wines as gifts, there’s one rule you must follow; give the very best! Luckily for you, you can find a wide range of fine wines for very affordable prices here at Ideal Wine Company. Our wines traverse the old world/new world divide, so we’re sure to have the right product for you.

Ideal Wine

Visit the Occasions Page on our website, to find great gift wines for parties. As its Halloween, you may want to opt for a robust red Port, which is a perfect winter drink and keeps with the spirit of this spooky day. Fonsecas Finest 1977 Vintage Port, which you can buy from us for £150, would be perfect.

If you want to push the boat out and take Champagne, you can buy plenty from the Occasions Page for reasonable prices. For something classic and luxurious try the Salon 1999 (£360), Dom Perignon 2000 (£140) or the Dom Perignon Brut 1993 (£180).

To really splash the cash, you could choose a gorgeous rose Champagne such as the Louis Roederer Cristal Rose 1996, which we sell for £662.50.

Mixing cocktails

We should point out that a lot of people decide to whip up horror-inspired cocktails at their Halloween parties, to really get in the spirit of the season. You may want to ask the host what cocktails they’re planning to make ahead of time, so you can take along a wine that’ll help them throw a brilliant bash!

Try a sinister take on Spain’s beloved traditional drink, you just can’t make a Blood Red Sangria. without a strong, full bodied red wine. You could opt for a Burgundy like the Clos Saint Denis 1996 here, which retails at £528. A Bordeaux like the Chateau Ausone 1988, which you can buy for £336, also works for Halloween red wine cocktails.

For fancier parties, you host may opt for sparkling wine-based creations, such as Pomegranate Champagne cocktails. With this kind of drink, it depends on the flavour profile. For traditional Champagne cocktails, choose a white Champagne, such as the Krug 1988 (£336). For drinks with fruiter profiles, rose Champagnes like the Ruinart Brut Rose (just £55 from us) are far more appropriate gifts.