What Is The Ideal Humidity For Wine Storage?

When you buy fine wines from Ideal Wine Company, it is key that you store your products correctly to maintain quality. Lending a helping hand, here we ask: what is the ideal humidity for wine storage?

Storing wines

We often say that fine wine only gets better with age and this can be true. However, this saying only applies when you store a wine correctly. Otherwise, over time your wine could become exposed to outside agents, which alter the chemical composition of the product, eventually ruining the drink.

It is advisable to store your wine in an underground wine cellar, as these facilities boast the conditions needed to maintain drink quality over a long period of time. For example, it is unwise to expose your fine vintages to high levels of light, it could suffer, so dark spaces are great for storage You will also need to control some conditions for example: temperature and humidity, in order to ensure your wine stays fine.

Controlling humidity

We should note that the humidity levels in your storage facility can have a massive impact on your wine. If your storage atmosphere is too dry, the bottle’s cork could dry out, meaning that it will no longer prove as an effective barrier against negative outside agents for the wine. The vast majority of fine wines, including those sold by Ideal Wine Company, use corks, so this is an important issue for collectors.

It is vital that you keep humidity levels in your storage facility high, to stop corks from drying out. We strongly advise you to ensure the humidity never drops below 50%. In general it is wise to maintain humidity levels are around 60% – 80%. If humidity rises above 80%, it will not damage the cork or wine, but the high level could cause mildew to develop in your storage area, damaging fine wine labels.

This brings us to the question, how can you control humidity levels in your wine storage facility? You could invest in humidity control systems, which allow you to remove or add water vapour into the air, keeping levels constant. You can find humidity control systems from a number of e-retailers for between £100 and £300. You should also install a thermostat in your storage area to keep temperatures level.

Researching storage

Humidity is not the only concern you need to take into consideration, when storing fine wine bought from Ideal Wine Company. To find out more, visit the ‘Storing Wine Correctly‘ section of our website. Here we cover subjects such as vital storage factors and  outside storage services. With this investment, you can find the right storage investment and make the most of the luxury vintages you buy from us!