How To Keep Champagne Fizzy

As a sparkling wine, Champagne is bubbly, but if you’re not careful it will go flat. To help you make the most of luxury sparkling wines, Ideal Wine Company explains how to keep Champagne fizzy.

Champagne bubbles

In order for a wine to become sparkling, it must undergo secondary fermentation. This process involves adding yeast and sugar to the drink, enabling carbonisation. The secondary fermentation process is different for each type of product. Champagne gets its bubbles, for instance, through a process called méthode champenoise, where carbonisation takes place in wooden oak barrels.

It is the bubbles that differentiate Champagnes from other wines. They add distinctive character to Champagnes, drawing out new flavours for the drinker to appreciate. However, once opened, Champagne can go flat within a matter of hours. One of the must know facts of sparkling wines is that if these products are stored correctly, the bubbles can remain for two days after the bottle is opened.

Storing Champagne

This means that you need to learn how to store opened Champagne. Obviously, you should put a Champagne bottle in the fridge straight after you open it, to preserve the drink, but should you pop the cork back in first, to keep it fizzy? We would generally advise you to refrain from pursuing this course of action, as pressure could build up inside the Champagne bottle, forcing the cork back out.

Instead, we would advise you to invest in a stainless steel Champagne stopper. With this vital piece of equipment, you’ll have something strong enough to resist the pressure that can build up inside a re-sealed Champagne bottle, keeping the drink fizzy, while the metal will also serve as a metal conductor, ensuring the Champagne stays chilly. You can find these items easily online for about £10 – £20.

Dispelling myths

Meanwhile, some people say that if you place an upturned silver spoon inside a Champagne bottle that the fizz will remain. Researchers from industry body the Interprofessional Committee of Champagne recently tested this theory. Using Champagne from the same batch, the researchers measured pressure in various circumstances, including when a spoon is inserted into the bottle.

Commenting in the book Molecular Gastronomy, French Chemist and Food Journalist, Hervé This, noted: “The pressure in bottles opened and left open or in bottles opened and left open with a spoon decreased in the same way—whereas a stopper or cork prevented the gas escape.” In other words, placing an upturned silver spoon in a Champagne bottle will have no effect on the fizz whatsoever.

Quality Champagne

Therefore if you use some common sense and invest in good equipment, you can keep Champagne fizzy for longer. You might also want to opt for top products, so you can be sure to have an amazing drinking experience. Here at Ideal Wine Company, we provide stunning Champagnes from noted brands such as Dom Perignon, Angel and Salon. Browse our Champagne list to find quality products!