Four Great Wine Books For Beginners

You should strive to amass as much knowledge as you can, before you start a wine collection. You may want to buy a wine book for beginners, to help you learn more about the product, as well as how to store it. Here Ideal Wine Company lists five of the best wine books for beginners you may want to buy.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide To Wine

Wine Folly is a fantastic resource for wine enthusiasts, with information on everything from varietals to glassware. It recently released the 233 page Essential Guide to Wine book, which retails at US$25. It covers topics like wine regions, creating tasting profiles, storing bottles and food pairings. The book also includes “flavour wheels” for every type of varietal, enhancing your understanding of wine.

Wine Bible   

If you want a long read, buy the 2nd edition of Karen MacNeil’s definitive Wine Bible, which she has now released after 15 years. Retailing at US$24.95, this 968 page tome features detailed sections of many of the world’s top wine regions, ranging from well-known areas like Burgundy, to obscure ones like the Republic of Georgia. This is a great book if you’re looking to build up your collection or take a wine holiday, as it can provide you with a range of niche varietals and destinations to read about.

Scratch and sniff

It is key that you develop a keen sense of smell to become a wine connoisseur, so you can appreciate the rich aromas of wine. Learn more on this subject with Master Sommelier Richard Betts’ The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert. In this simple 22 page book, which retails at US$19.99, you’ll find great summaries of the most important areas of wine. This is a book for the comedy enthusiasts among you, as its silly, but still conveys the core areas of wine tasting effectively.

Complete wine course

You may want to create your own wine tastings, so you can gain some more practical experience with wine. You may want to think about purchasing Kevin Zraly’s 333 page Windows on the World, which retails at US$27.95. Touted as a “terrific companion for self-study,” this tome has chapters for specific themes e.g. white wines of France, supplying you with the knowledge to hold your own tastings.

 Find more resources

Before you buy a book, you may want to start by looking at the resources for beginners on Ideal Wine Company’s website. On the Glossary Page you’ll find simple explanations of key wine terms, such as ‘decanting’ and ‘cuvee.’ With this information, you’ll be able to understand what the authors of these books are saying, so you can use their wisdom to help you start building your own wine collection!

Image courtesy of Michal Osmenda.