Five Ideal Wine Gifts For Christmas 2016 

We’ve now entered December, so Christmas is just a few weeks away. In order to beat the Christmas rush, you may want to start buying gifts now, but what should you get the wine lovers in your life? Helping you find something perfect, here we reveal five ideal wine gifts for Christmas 2016.

Chateau La Conseillante 

The obvious gift is wine, but which vintage should you choose? Over the next few weeks, observe the loved one in question and see what they prefer. Buy the wine you need from online retailers like Ideal Wine Company, to find cost effective quality. If your loved one likes Bordeaux reds, for example, you could purchase the Chateau La Conseillante 2007, our current gift wine, for just £72 per bottle.

Wine glass markers  

If you don’t want to spend much, you can opt for metallic wine glass markers. You can buy these items easily through online retailers such as eBay and Etsy for as little as £4.79. Serving as wonderful stocking fillers, these pens allow your loved one to keep track of their wine glasses at a party. The liquid chalk ink washes off easily and doesn’t smear, ensuring they can keep their glasses in top condition!

Wine Bible 

You can’t go wrong with a wine book, allowing your loved one to learn more about their favourite tipple. We’d suggest that you buy the 2nd edition of Karen MacNeil’s definitive Wine Bible, which retails at roughly £20. Released following a 15-year wait, this 968 page work includes detailed section on the world’s top wine regions, enhancing your loved one’s knowledge of wine-making traditions.

Original wine glass 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to give funny, outlandish gifts, the BigMouth Inc. Original Wine Bottle Glass could be just the thing for you. Retailing for as little as £11.99 with online firms like Find Me A Gift, this is basically a 750ml bottle-shaped wine glass, which can hold an entire bottle’s worth. Printed with hilarious text on the front, this glass is sure to give everyone a laugh this Christmas!

Wall cork holder 

Give your loved one something to spruce up their home this Christmas, with the Metal Wine Letter Cork Holder Wall Décor from House Vines. You can buy this sophisticated, easy-to-hang wine-themed wall decoration for roughly £25 from online retailers like Amazon. They can use these metal W-I-N-E-shaped holders to store your various corks from around the world, turning them into cork collectors!

Perfect gift 

The key to finding the perfect Christmas gift for wine lovers in 2016 is to know them inside out. Over the course of December, start observing what wine they like and what habits they practise when serving, learning and storing wine. This will help you buy the right gift, showing your loved one that you know them, making them feel assured that you care about them this holiday season!