Researchers Develop Wine And Cheese App

There’s nothing better than enjoying fine wine with a slab of rich cheese. If you’re a fan of this combination, you’ll be happy to learn that researchers have developed a wine and cheese pairing app.

Wine and food pairings

Wine is an incredibly complex product, boasting delicate flavours. You need to be very careful when teaming wine with food, as otherwise, the flavours in your cuisine may throw off this essential balance. As an example, you should pair red meats with full bodied reds, such as the Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1974, which you can buy from Ideal Wine Company, to ensure the flavours are complementary.

One of the most popular food pairings for wine is cheese. However, cheese is just as complex as wine in character, so if you select the wrong products, you will create an unpalatable combination. You can look at a useful infographic featured on Buzzfeed, to learn the fundamentals of this art. For example, it shows that red wines go fantastically with cheeses like Cheddar, Brie and Camembert.

Wine and Cheese Map

But if you want more specific guidance, then you’ll be happy to discover that a new app has been created to help you team wine with cheese. Aptly called the ‘Wine and Cheese Map,’ this programme was developed by a team of molecular biologists and computer scientists at the University of Toronto.

Wine and Cheese Map, which can also be accessed through a website, features almost 1,000 pairings. You can search its database by type of wine, type of cheese, or country of product origin, to discover the appropriate pairing. The programme also utilises striking design features, which allow you to find your favourite wine easily, or scroll through all the included links, to explore different pairings.

Very useful resource

Commenting one of the app’s developers, Professor Gary Bader, was quoted by CBC News, a Canadian new outlet, saying: “The app helps you identify cheeses that you might not know about and wines that you might not know about and how they go together. It’s perfect for planning a party.”

Going on, Bader revealed: “Basically, you can search for a red wine or a white wine, click on it, it will show you a network of relationships, kind of like a spider web of connections. Click on a cheese and it will show you red and white wines that connect to it… Or if you click on a wine, like Beaujolais, it will tell you that it’s really nice with cheddar or specific types of Swiss cheeses.”

Amazing wine technology

With the Wine and Cheese Map app, we just how far wine technology has come. Geniuses around the world are creating innovative new technological solutions, which are changing everything from the way we learn about wine, to how we store our favourite bottles, enhancing the drinking experience.