What Is The Ideal Wine Cellar Temperature

As a wine enthusiast, you may want to create a wine cellar in your house, to store your bottles. Lending you a helping hand, we ask: what is the ideal wine cellar temperature?

Stable temperatures

Yes, that old saying “a fine wine only gets better with age” is true. But this only applies when you store wine correctly. If your products are exposed to adverse conditions, they could become contaminated by agents which drastically alter their character over time, making them taste distinctly unpleasant.

When preparing your wine storage facility, take temperature into consideration. Ensure that the temperature of your cellar remains stable. Should your wine be exposed to dramatic rises or falls in this crucial factor, its chemical composition could be altered forever. Also, it could cause the bottle’s closure mechanism to loosen over time, letting in air and facilitating oxidation, which is bad for wine.

Ideal temperatures

So you need a stable temperature for wine, but what should this be? According to Wine Ware, an industry advice portal, this depends on the type of wine. You need to find the correct temperature to ensure that the vintage’s flavour and balance remains. But of course, the nature of these flavours and balances are different in reds, whites and Champagnes, so they need different storage temperatures.

Let’s start with red wine, like the Chateau Lafleur 1990, a brilliant Bordeaux you can buy from Ideal Wine Company. It is wise to serve these wines warm, to bring out their best qualities and consequently, you should store them at 12˚C – 19˚C. In contrast, white wines require slightly cooler temperatures, at roughly 8˚C – 12˚C and for Champagnes, you should go colder still, at 5˚C – 8˚C.

So how can you control the storage temperature? You could fit a thermostat in your cellar area, allowing you to set the temperature at will. Alternatively, you can buy a wine cellar conditioning unit to keep the space at 10˚C – 14˚C, which is ideal for anything but Champagne, for around £400 online. For Champagnes, you could purchase a wine refrigerator online for anything upwards of £100.

Protecting investments

Think of fine wine as an investment. You may not want to open the vintage until it has matured and like any investment, it needs time, along with the right conditions, to reach its best. When developing your wine storage space, keep the nature of your collection in mind. For example, if you primarily buy Champagnes, gear your cellar temperature at the right point for this product, to reap good returns!