Setting Up A Champagne Bar For New Years

Are you throwing a party to ring in the New Year? Why not delight your guests with a DIY Champagne bar, allowing them to celebrate the arrival of 2017 with style! Ideal Wine Company discusses the process of setting up a Champagne Bar for New Year’s parties, to help you wow your guests!

Set up the bar

Let’s start with the basics – you need to set up the bar area. We would advise you to simply place a table in a large room, which you can use as a bar. You should ensure you have staple supplies on hand like buckets and ice to keep your Champagne chilled on the night. You might want to decorate your table, for example with an elegant table cloth, or ornamental centrepieces, to strike the right tone.

Select your theme

It’s a good idea to centre your Champagne bar on a theme. Old school Hollywood works well with a glamorous tipple like Champagne. You could buy black and gold table cloths, streamers and balloons easily from your local supermarket. You can even issue a black tie dress code for your party, making guests feel like they’re sipping bubbly at the Oscars! Furthermore, you could compose a playlist filled with classic artists of the era like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra to really get guests in the mood.

Choose your Champagne

Your party’s success hinges on the Champagne you serve. We suggest you go for quality vintages, from iconic brands like Dom Perignon and Salon, to ensure your guests get real luxury, giving them a night to remember. You can find top Champagnes on Ideal Wine Company’s Occasions Page. This includes standout products like the Dom Perignon 2000, an excellent vintage, which you can buy for £140!

Picking Champagne glasses

Make sure you have the right type of Champagne glasses for your bar, so you can set the best tone for your party. Which should you choose, flutes or coupes? Due to their shapes, flutes encourage the flow of bubbles, making your Champagne look absolutely fabulous. But coupes have really wide brims, exposing your Champagne to the air more effectively, providing a fuller body and flavour. If you go with the old school Hollywood theme, opt for coupes, as these glasses just scream 1940s glamour!

Mixing up cocktails

Guests like variety, so you should whip up Champagne cocktails at your bar! Finalise your cocktail menu now, so you have time to buy mixers. If you’re making a classic Champagne cocktail, for instance, you’ll need sugar cubes, bitters and slices of lemon or lime to garnish. You might want to practise making the cocktails on your menu now, so you can whip up delicious drinks on New Year’s!

Image by Tom Morris.