Bordeaux Wine Output To Reach Seven Year Peak

Bordeaux is one of France’s most reputable and prolific wine-making regions. New reports confirm that Bordeaux’s 2016 wine harvest will allow the region’s wine output to reach a seven year peak, as it escaped the adverse weather conditions that hit the rest of France’s iconic wine-making regions.

Adverse weather

According to industry body the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), wine output is due to decline worldwide, due to a lacklustre 2016 harvest. Globally, production should drop by 5% (or 259m hectolitres), from the year before, making 2016 one of the worst harvests since 2000.

OIV predicted that this decline will be particularly strong in European wine-making nations like France, due to long dry summers, which caused draughts. Also, certain French regions experienced adverse weather phenomena, for example, a vicious hailstorm damaged between 6% and 8% of Cognac’s vineyard land. French output will fall by 12%, but it will still be the world’s second-largest wine-maker.

Bordeaux output

However, the Daily Mail notes, Bordeaux largely escaped these “severe weather hiccups,” which have hit wine output in other French regions. Along with Alsace, Bordeaux is one of the only French wine-production areas which is destined to see a rise in output, due to beneficial weather conditions.

Commenting, regional producer group CIVB’s Chairman, Allan Sichel, said: “We are extremely pleased today about the 2016 harvest, mainly for its quality but also for the yields, more generous, which will bring us near a total output of 5.7m hectolitres of AOP wine, something we had not seen since 2009.” These AOP wines, which are legally protected, comprise 95% of Bordeaux’s total wine output.

This is fantastic news for Bordeaux’s wine makers. Many producers in the region are still recovering from Bordeaux’s catastrophic 2013 harvest, when output dropped to its lowest point since 1991, coming in at 3.84m hectolitres. Considering the fact that regions ranging from Champagne to Burgundy all saw significant output falls, Bordeaux’s 2016 wines could come to dominate the market.

Buy Bordeaux wines

Demand for Bordeaux’s 2016 wines could be high, due to the region’s incredible reputation. It features some of the world’s most iconic wine brands, from Chateau Lafite Rothschild to Chateau Latour, which are famous for making gorgeous red wines, primarily with Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. If you want to see what the 2016 vintage has in store, browse Ideal Wine Company’s Bordeauxs list, where you can buy top notch fine Bordeaux red wines at reasonable prices.

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