How Long Should You Chill Champagne Before Serving?

We would advise you to chill Champagne, to ensure that you bring out the unique flavours which characterise this signature French sparkling wine. To help you get the most from your vintage, Ideal Wine Company asks: how long should you chill Champagne before serving?

Ideal temperatures

To become a wine buff, you need to learn about serving temperatures. Wine is incredibly complex and if you expose your bottle to unfavourable temperatures, you could upset its delicate balance of flavours. The ideal serving temperature is different for each type of wine, for example red wine should be served at room temperature, while Champagne should be served at roughly 6°C to 8°C.

So you will need to cool the bottle first, before serving Champagne. Some people think it’s a good idea to put a Champagne bottle in the freezer for a few minutes, before pouring, as this trick is effective with white wines. However, it’s one of the biggest faux pas’ you can make with Champagnes as they boast a high bubble content, Therefore, by freezing your bottle, you could cause it to explode.

Chilling times

It’s better to chill a Champagne, rather than outright try to freeze it, but how long should you chill your bottle for? This depends on your chilling method, according to wine workshop 28-50 Maddox Street’s sommelier, Clement Robert. Speaking to Decanter, an industry publication, he suggested that “the best way to chill Champagne is in a bucket full of ice which takes about 10-15 minutes.”

Robert revealed that if you’re pressed for time, you can chill your Champagne quicker by filling your bucket with rock salt, ice and a dash of water. Going on, he said: “The salt will melt the ice very quickly, the melted water being very cold and the Champagne will get chilled in less than 10 minutes.” You can also use your fridge to chill Champagne, according to Decanter’s Tastings Director, Christelle Guibert. But you should start the night before, as this method usually takes longer to chill the drink.

Meanwhile if you’re travelling, Robert added, you may want to place your Champagne in isotherm bottle bags. He noted that these bags are specially designed to keep your Champagne chilled as you travel and some even feature a side pocket where you can slide in an ice pack, to ensure your products remain extra cool. You can buy isotherm bottle bags on Amazon for as little as £5.

Buy Champagne

So depending on the chilling method, you can have your fine Champagne ready to drink in as little as around five minutes. If you’re looking for Champagnes that you can truly appreciate, come to Ideal Wine Company. On our Champagnes list, you’ll find products from a range of top brands, such as Veuve Clicquot, Angel and Cristal, giving you a first rate drinking experience… after you chill the bottle!