Five Must-Know Facts About Prosecco Wine

We Brits are increasingly developing a taste for Prosecco, Italy’s premier sparkling wine. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, do your homework first, to make sure Prosecco is right for you. Lending a helping hand, Ideal Wine Company reveals five must-know facts about Prosecco.

Various grapes can be used for Prosecco

Prosecco is primarily made with the highly-aromatic Glera grape, which dates back to Roman times. But one of the key differences between Prosecco and Champagne, is that the latter can only be made with three grapes. In contrast, a far wider variety of grapes are included in Prosecco, including Verdiso, Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Glera Lunga, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero.

It’s made differently to Champagne

Prosecco is often compared to Champagne, probably because they’re the two most popular sparkling wines on earth. But not only do they conform to different rules on grape usage, they utilise different production methods as well. Champagne is fermented in the bottle, while Prosecco is fermented in steel tanks, so while it’s good to let Champagne age, Prosecco tastes great even when it’s young.

It features different fizz levels

There are two different types of Prosecco you can buy, depending on how carbonated you like your sparkling wine. The first is Frizzante, which means “lightly sparkling” and the second is Spumante, which means “fully sparkling.” You can buy the Pizzolato Spumante Prosecco, a fantastic fully sparkling Italian wine from Ideal Wine Company for just £14.99 per bottle, allowing you to really feel the rush!

It’s a legally protected product

One way that Prosecco is similar to Champagne, is that it’s a legally protected product. The drink can only be made according to specific production methods, in certain regions. The majority of Prosecco (60%) is produced in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene areas of Veneto, where grapes are surrounded by the Alps, giving them ideal growing conditions. Veneto is one of Italy’s top wine regions and it’s also known for producing the iconic Chardonnay-esque Suave and tasty Merlot-based reds.

It tastes really, really fruity

Prosecco often tastes fruitier and sweeter than Champagne. Prosecco’s primary flavours are green apple, pear, honey dew melon, fresh cream and honey suckle. Champagne’s are peach, citrus, almond, toast and white cherry. You’ll often find however, that Proseccos can also include notes of vanilla, honey comb, hazel nut and even tropical fruits, so you get a wide mix of flavours with every sip.

Gaining popularity

It’s not only we Brits who are rapidly gaining a taste for this sweet, fruity sparkling wine. The Italians themselves drink roughly 35% of all the Prosecco they make, while exporting the remaining 65%. The top three markets for Prosecco are the UK, Germany and the US. If you want to experience Prosecco, check our website regularly to see which top vintages we sell here at Ideal Wine Company!