Try the Chateau Dudon Sauternes 2012 – our latest Burke’s Peerage Wine

We guarantee that’ll you’ll only get the finest of products, at reasonable prices, here at Ideal Wine Company. We wanted to take this opportunity today to introduce you to the Chateau Dudon Sauternes 2012, a robust, delicious red that’s the latest wine in our Burke’s Peerage Selection.

Burke’s Peerage

If you’re looking for something extra luxurious, browse the Burke’s Peerage Selection on our website. The London-based Burke’s Peerage is a definitive guide to the genealogy and heraldry of some of our world’s most prominent family dynasties. Set up way back in 1826, Burke’s Peerage includes lords, royals and even presidents, and you can buy wines that were once owned by the individuals from us.

There is an incredible amount of money flowing through the Burke’s Peerage family lines, so as you can imagine, this selection of wine is diverse and of very high quality. On the Burke’s Peerage page of our website, you’ll find everything from Chablis and Proseccos, to Chardonnays and Gewürztraminers. It’s also really good for top French wines, such as the incredible Chateau Dudon Sauternes 2012.

Chateau Dudon Sauternes

This wine comes to us courtesy of Chateau Dudon, a wine-maker based in the village of Sauternes, Bordeaux. It was originally set up by two counsellors in Bordeaux’s parliament, Bernard Dudon de Boynet and his son Blaise, in 1655. Chateau Dudon grew from there, somehow managing to survive the bloody French revolution in-tact, and is now known for making some of Bordeaux’s finest wines.

Sauternes, situated in Bordeaux Graves district, is famous for its prestigious, expensive sweet desert wines. Any bottle to carry the ‘Sauternes’ label must fall into this category by law, with only bottles from the region using alternative names. Wines made in the Sauternes-style boast an intense golden colour, which turns to amber with age and has aromas of blossoms, stone fruit and honeysuckle.

The grape blend for these bottles is Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. This is the most commonly produced wine blend in France is particularly popular in the Graves district. A versatile, classic white wine blend, the Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon mixture is incredibly crisp and dry, which is unusual for sweet desert wines. This blend gets its structure and mouth-feel from Semillon, while the Sauvignon Blanc brings a vibrant acidity and grassy aromas to the table, resulting in an extremely tasty wine.

Buy the 2012

The Chateau Dudon Sauternes 2012 is a classic example of what a Sauternes Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon sweet dessert wine is supposed to be. It is rich and sweet, with just enough crispness and dryness to resist being cloying, making it a great pairing for desserts such as crepes and caramel cream and Roquefort cheese. You will usually get a bottle of Chateau Dudon Sauternes 2012 for around £20 but here at Ideal Wine Company, we sell it for just £16.99 so you can get real savings if you buy it with us!