Why Do Wine Glasses Have Stems

Serving wine is a true art form. Everything involved, from storage to glasses, matters. It all impacts how wine tastes when it hits your tongue. Shedding more light on wine glasses, to ensure you experience pure heaven with every drop, Ideal Wine Company asks: why do wine glasses have stems?

Why do glasses matter?

Let’s say you want to buy the Chateau Dudon Sauternes 2012 from Ideal Wine Company. This is a fantastic white wine, boasting a mix and Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that will take your breath away. It’s understandable that you’d want to get the most out of this amazing vintage, so how can you?

We’d suggest that you serve the Chateau Dudon Sauternes 2012 and other whites in a traditional wine glass. Keep in mind that the shape matters, when it comes to wine glasses. A traditional glass acts as a filter, sieving out ethanol due to its structure, so you can appreciate the delicious tastes and aroma of wine. A traditional wine glass also comes with a stem, which can affect wine flavour too…

Stems are pretty crucial

The fact that wine glasses have stems may seem unimportant, but it really matters. It basically allows you to hold the wine glass in the correct way, as you can grab it by the stem instead of by the bowl. If the bowl comes into contact with your hand for an extended period of time, your natural body heat will raise its temperature, altering the taste of the wine, so a stem allows you to maintain its quality.

There’s a few other reasons why glasses have stems. You can observe the colour of wine easily in a stemmed glass, as you can hold it up to the light, allowing you to assess its quality. You can also swirl wine in a stemmed glass with little fuss, giving it the chance to breathe. Stemmed glasses also have a better aesthetic and can be held without getting fingers prints on them so they’re easier to clean.

There are a few drawbacks to stemmed wine glasses, however. It’s best to handle them with care, as they’re prone to breaking at the stem, especially while being cleaned. You’ll probably find that stemmed wine glasses are fairly delicate as well. This means that they look fantastic, making them perfect for formal occasions, but they’re less sturdy, so it’s easier to spill your wine while using one.

Truly appreciate your wine

Wine glasses have stems, because this design makes it possible for you to truly appreciate your wine! You can get stemless glasses, and as they allow your hand to heat up the drink, they can be good for reds, which thrive at higher temperatures. But otherwise a stemmed glass is the way to go, as it works wonders with white, rose wine and sparkling wines, giving you an experience you’ll never forget!