Why is Prosecco such a success?

A stable choice for merchants and supermarkets alike, Prosecco remains a firm favourite across the UK, but why exactly are people so drawn to this sparkling Italian wine?

Ideal Wine Company Prosecco
Why is Prosecco so popular?

Producing Prosecco

Produced in Italy’s North East region of Veneto, which is also home to Venice and Verona, Prosecco comes from Glera grapes. Produced through the ‘Charmant’ method, the wine is fermented for the second time in stainless steel tanks, which is also used in producing the sparkling Italian wine Asti.

It’s this process which allows Prosecco to be produced at a lower cost than, for example, Champagne, a factor which makes it attractive to a wide spectrum of retailers.

Perfect for beginners

Though the success of Prosecco is not new and Ideal Wine reported on its financial success back in 2015, there are a number of simple factors which have sustained Prosecco as a sparkling wine stable across Britain.

For many investors, Prosecco, with its inviting price point, is very attractive for those looking to start a collection. For the same reason, it is often enjoyed by new connoisseurs learning about the flavours and techniques involved in delivering top-quality sparkling wine.

Enjoying the flavour

Overall, Prosecco is light and fruity, making it versatile and very easy to drink. Featured in an array of cocktails, the most famous perhaps being the Bellini, it is a go-to wine for all occasions and also regularly accompanies food.

Because Prosecco is a great choice for so many occasions, it is seen as a more accessible sparkling wine without the historic glamour and cultural prestige of its French counterpart, Champagne.

To enjoy Prosecco at its finest, it is best served within three years of its vintage. However, a higher quality Prosecco can still be enjoyed once it has been aged for, typically, seven years. Whether sampling old or new, this is certainly a wine which is best served chilled.