Wine in a can? The newest craze!

It’s been around for a while, but wine in a can is having a bit of a renaissance this year. Easy to grab from the supermarket and perfect for a barbecue or picnic, there’s a lot going for the convenience of wine in a can. And it looks set to be the drink of the summer 2017 on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether you fancy Chardonnay, Pinot, Zinfandel or Merlot, you’ll find a canned version. Over the last few years, canned wine sales have more than doubled, showing that swigging wine from a tin is no longer considered the ‘wrong’ way to drink wine.

Ideal Wine Company wine in a can
Is wine in a can the new craze for this summer? Photo: Union Wine Co.

Does it actually taste nice?

In short, yes. It’ll never be the best tasting wine, but the quality today is high. And, in a similar way to the recent rise in popularity of small brewery IPAs, independent family wineries are making inroads into the market.

Wine experts say that you’ll most likely notice differences between bottled and canned wines. If you’re a wine geek, then you’ll taste the small amount of residual sugar in canned wine. This is probably added to make the wine taste more fruity, as drinking anything from a can automatically dulls the flavour. The tastiest brands also have elevated levels of acidity, giving a tingling finish on the palate.

Does a metallic flavour ruin the wine?

 These days cans don’t really taint the taste of any drink, and it’s the same for wine. Some canned wine producers make sure they mitigate any hint of this by lining the aluminium cans. It doesn’t seem to affect flavour, but it could be worth serving in glasses rather than drinking straight from the can.

There’s no doubt that the flavour is improved by pouring out, and while it doesn’t sound quite as convenient, we’d recommend it. If you drink straight from the can then the initial flavour burst is lost and it’s generally duller and flatter.

Ideally serve the canned wine chilled and in a glass but if neither of these are possible, rejoice in the fact that you can take your favourite wine everywhere you go this summer!