Still white from Norfolk named ‘best in the world’

When you think of Norfolk, what springs to mind? Stephen Fry? Delia Smith? Whatever it is, chances are you wouldn’t associate world beating wine with the Norfolk broads. But the Bacchus still white wine from Norfolk’s Winbirri Vineyard has been named the best of the best at the World Wine Awards sponsored by Decanter.

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Norfolk wine has been dubbed the best.

A winning wine

The category for the winning wine was best value still white wine made from a single grape variety and the Winbirri Bacchus white won platinum, meaning it was the very top of the class. Not only is it an important win for Norfolk, it’s an amazing acknowledgement of the quality of English still wine

The Bacchus grape is hardly ever used when it comes to producing white wine, making it an even more special victory. There has been a perception that English still wines have been languishing behind the success of the sparkling wines springing from the country in recent years.

Star quality

The winning bottle costs £13.49 and was judged at the awards as ‘the perfect aperitif wine’. So, what exactly did they love so much about this modest bottle from the eastern edge of England? Comments from judges included praise for the wine’s flavour, which was described as a “complex, oily nose with spice, elderflower and citrus.”

It sounds delicious to us, and evidently to Waitrose customers who are constantly leaving shelves bare as they rush to enjoy this homegrown world champion. Lee Dyer is head winemaker at Winbirri vineyard in Norfolk and was quoted as saying that the wine’s victory “makes all the hard work worthwhile and will help put England and Norfolk on the map as a region capable of making world-class wines.”

This award is certainly not the first for the vineyard, which has amassed many others over the last few years. Highlights include the Gore-Brown Trophy for ‘Most Outstanding Wine of the UK’ for the Bacchus 2015 at the UK Wine of the Year Awards 2016, and a Gold Medal for Bacchus Reserve 2013 at the UK Wine of the Year Awards 2015.