Heatwave in UK sends rosé sales sky high

There has been a marked increase in sales of rosé across supermarkets and wine merchants throughout the UK. And it’s all down to the heatwave that swept the country in the third week of June.

We even had the hottest June day since the long, hot summer of 1976 with temperatures hitting 34°C in a few parts of the country. It seems that people have been hoovering up the cooling, delicious taste of rosé to help the summer evenings fly by.

Ideal Wine Company rose
How has the recent UK heatwave impacted rosé sales?

Rose from Provence most popular

While other countries have also been experiencing extreme temperatures, here in the UK it seems that feeling the heat has led to rosé from Provence becoming the most popular wine.

Asda reported an increase in sales of rosé of more than 26 per cent compared with the same week of the summer 2016. The supermarket giant also reported a 170 per cent rise in rosé sales from France and a massive 250 per cent rise in rosé sales from Australia.

While Waitrose didn’t release any figures, they did confirm that their rosé sales had taken a sharp upturn, and Tesco reported an increase of 20 per cent in sales of rosé when compared with the same week last year.

Strong rosé sales for Majestic

Provence rosé is flying off the shelves at wine retailer Majestic, with sales up around 29 per cent.

Similarly, Lea & Sandeman have also reported a rise in rosé sales. They also said they have been selling larger bottles this year, with more jeroboams and magnums being sold than last year.

Champagne sales were also up 11.3 per cent at Lea & Sandeman, compared with June 2016.

More rosé growth predicted

Experts predict that rosé should continue to grow its share in global still wine consumption and is likely to increase by 5.9% by 2020.

The ever-growing popularity of rosé in 2017 has led to all sorts of themed products being launched, including rosé flavoured lollipops and sweets.