The Perfect Wines for Burns Night

Falling very year on 25 January, Burns Night is an amazing celebration of the life and poetry of Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns. It’s traditionally associated with a large consumption of whiskey, but at Ideal Wine Company we’re here to show you how wine can be the perfect addition to your Burns Night. Focusing on the traditional meal of haggis, neeps and tatties, we’re ready with useful tips for pairing wine with this bold meal.

Ideal Wine Company Wine and Burns Night
Burns Night is an amazing celebration of the life and poetry of Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns – here are the perfect wines for Burns Night.

Cabernet Sauvignon – bold and brash

With haggis being a bold flavour to stand up to, make sure your wine is matching it. Bold food pairs well with bold wines. This full and vibrant red wine is the perfect addition to your Burns Night feast. Its brash jammy blackcurrant complements the earthiness of the meal. Cabernet Sauvignon’s hint of cocoa also works to soften the rustic flavours of the dish, making it more approachable. With sweet tannins on the finish, the wine brings together the blackcurrant, earthy haggis and rich fruitiness in a harmonious sip. A luscious and big-hearted Cabernet Sauvignon will do the job well.

Champagne – a light fizz perfect for celebrating

No celebration is complete without a delicious sparkling wine. With a light and refreshing quality, Champagne works as the perfect counter to the fattiness and spiciness of your meal. With plenty of acidity and an earthy sweetness, the light and fruity flavours of the wine can easily cut through your dish and cleanse your palate. Opting for a crisp dry Champagne will go a long way in elevating your heavy meal.

Cabernet Franc – balances berries and acidity

An unexpected choice, a Cabernet Franc is a surprisingly delicious addition to your meal. This wine brings a pronounced flavour of ripe red berries on both the palate and the nose, creating an interesting fruity experience. Its herbaceous notes are wonderfully weighted and provide a reasonably pronounced acidity. These characteristics make it perfect for cutting through the richness of the haggis and potato heavy meal. Bringing a much-needed uplift, this delightful wine provides a lively counter to your food, creating a balanced experience.

Gigondas – full-bodied and richly textured

This unique French wine offers a rich bouquet of fine, spicy aromas and a rich red colour. Notes of red fruits, including cherries and crushed strawberries, and ripe black fruits, such as blackberries and blackcurrants, can be detected on the nose. This light and sweet aroma provides an ideal counter to the rich haggis. With wild flavours of truffles and woodland on the palate, this complex wine provides enough earthiness and lightness to both complement the flavours of the haggis and cut through its bold taste. Try looking for a spicy wine with round tannins and a slight oaky taste.

Wine makes a great alternative to whisky on Burns Night. The spicy, fatty taste of haggis needs a wine with acidity, bold flavour and a slight sweetness. Given the heartiness of the meal, try for a heartening full-bodied wine that packs a punch.