7 of the best wine regions you haven’t heard about

If you thought all the best wine regions are the most famous ones, you may be surprised to find out that there are loads of less well-known regions worth checking out.

Across the world, there are myriad of wine producing regions that are off the beaten track for wine holidays, which makes them worth visiting for real wine connoisseurs. Here are six wine regions that you may not have heard of.

Wine regions around the world

Anyone planning a wine-based holiday should forgo the usual and consider one of the following destinations.

1. Australia – Beechworth

Wine tourists tend to head towards the Yarra Valley and Barossa regions of Australia, but the industry is heading for vineyards in the Beechworth, Victoria region.

Some of the best wines in Australia are emerging from places like Sorrenberg, Giaconda and Savatarre, and for wine-lovers, it’s absolutely worth a visit.

2. Canada – Okanagan

Many people don’t give Canada a second thought when it comes to wine. But there are plenty of vineyards producing delicious wine. The largest wine producing region in Canada is the Okanagan Valley, which is located in southern British Columbia.

There are at least 100 wineries in this region alone, and it’s located only a five-hour drive from Vancouver. Drive away from the city and you’ll find yourself in beautiful countryside with vine-covered scenery as far as the eye can see. There are loads of vineyards that offer tastings and tours.

3. Georgia – Kakheti

Archaeologists say that Georgia has been producing wine for more than 8,000 years. Despite this, many wine lovers aren’t aware of the rich wine producing regions in Georgia. Kakheti is the country’s biggest and most productive wine region, with lots of local vineyards and wineries to visit.

4. Portugal – Alentejo

Douro Valley is probably the Portuguese region most people are familiar with, thanks to its biggest export – port. However, the region of Alentejo, which is a vast area in the centre of the country, also produces great wine. Plenty of very high-quality, but affordably priced red and white wines come from this area, usually made in small, family owned wineries.

5. South Africa – Franschhoek

Probably one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world, Franschhoek is around one hour’s journey from Cape Town. It is home to vineyards that have been there for hundreds of years, and pairs high-class wines with delicious local food.

6. Italy – Le Marche

Wine-lovers regularly flock to the northern part of Italy for the Tuscany, Veneto and Piedmont regions. But further south, in the middle of the country, you can also find Le Marche. Situated between the Adriatic and the Appenines, Le Marche is beautiful, packed with vineyards, and mostly tourist-free.

7. Lebanon – Bekaa Valley

Far from the average wine producing region, the Bekaa Valley is located in north east Lebanon. Surrounded by mountains, it’s a particularly beautiful region, but is also near to Syria. While much of the area isn’t suitable for visiting at the moment, many of the best vineyards are in the safe zone. These include Chateau St Thomas and Chateau Ksara and are well worth visiting for the more adventurous wine fan.