About Us

Ideal Wine Company are sellers of luxury drinks including wines and spirits. Ideal Wine Company sell luxury drinks from around the world and are based in Knightsbridge, London. We cater for those who collect or if you are just buying luxury drinks to help you celebrate a special occasion.

Ideal Wine Company also sells luxury drinks for special occasions and offer a home delivery service or bonded warehouse delivery.


The Ideal Wine Company’s main services are:

Collecting, Celebrations, Drinking
Home delivery service
Bonded warehouse delivery
Luxury drinks from around the world

At Ideal Wine Company we aim to always be improving the service we offer to our customers. We believe a good wine merchant offers a good quality product at a fair price. We encourage our customers to store their wine in their own personal bonded warehouse account and to research the product, price and company that they deal with.

Ideal Wine Company

When buying wine from you, we will endeavour to make the process as easy and effective as we can.

We aim to be available for our customers at hours suitable for them.

Telephone no. 0203 409 9160

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