What to Expect From a Pinot Noir Wine

One eternal truth has governed the art of wine making since the dawn of vine growing; the grape dictates the flavour of the wine. With this in mind, the Ideal Wine Company explains what to expect from a pinot noir.

Pinot noir grapes

There’s no such thing as a standard grape. There are a wide variety of different grape species grown around the world, and each one boasts a distinct flavour which, when used in the wine making process, produces a unique vintage.

This leads us to the pinot noir grape. This is a red wine grape that’s grown in temperate countries around the world including France (Burgundy), the US, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Argentina and Chile. The Wine Society notes that pinot noir grapes are “responsible for some of the world’s best red wines – and some of the worst.”

This is because pinot noir grapes are some of the hardest to grow in the world. If it’s too hot, the grapes ripen way too fast however if it’s too cool, they won’t ripen at all. The pinot noir grape is also vulnerable to a number of diseases which can render the entire crop unpalatable if they happen to strike.

Incomparable wine

But when you stumble on the right conditions, the pinot noir grape has the ability to produce a wine that’s incomparable with anything else on earth. Wine Folly’s profile of pinot noir wines notes that the grape produces a pale red vintage, which boasts a medium-low tannin level and a medium-high acidity.

It goes on to explain that the typical pinot noir is a standout vintage that typically boasts an array of subtle favours. These flavours include, but aren’t limited to, cranberry, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, clove, liquorice, mushroom, tobacco and caramel. A pinot noir wine is also usually aged in a French oak barrel, lending an extra layer of powerful flavour to the finished product.

It’s also important to note that pinot noir is a key grape in Champagne making. It brings the depth, structure and backbone this king of sparkling wines needs to shine. You’ll notice many of the Ideal Wine Company’s Champagnes feature the standout grape.

Buy a pinot noir

You can’t call yourself a true wine enthusiast until you’ve tried a pinot noir wine. This grape’s subtle balance of tantalising flavours produces vintages that are beloved around the world. Buy one of the Ideal Wine Company’s Burgundies today if you want to see what a pinot noir wine really tastes like.

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