Taste wine like an expert

Wine is a really complex drink, with an array of subtle flavours. If you really want to appreciate a new vintage, it might benefit you to learn how to taste wine like an expert.

Over time, the industry has developed a distinctive method for tasting wine which allows people to get the most out of their vintage. Lifestyle publication Verily Magazine has released an infographic showing the five basic steps of wine tasting.

Let’s put this theory into practise. Say you recently decided to buy the Harlan Estate 2002, a Californian red, from the Ideal Wine Company. By completing these five steps, you’ll be able to note that this is a garnet-black full-bodied vintage, which boasts berry fruit aromas, a medium to high acidity and a rich, velvety taste.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to appreciate what a truly fantastic vintage you have in the Harlan Estate 2002! In other words if you use all your senses when tasting a new wine, you will ensure that you can access its unique blend of sumptuous flavours!