Five Gewurztraminer Food Pairings to Try

Gewurztraminer is a popular wine with foodies, as its striking aromas and rich fruity flavours make it the perfect vintage a wide range of dishes. Ideal Wine Company reveals five Gewurztraminer food pairings you might want to try if you really want to impress your guests at your next dinner party!

Ideal Wine Company Gewurztraminer
What food pairings work well with Gewurztraminer wine?

Select cheeses

Wine and cheese is always a winning combination. But it’s key you find the right cheese, so their delicate flavours complement, rather than work against, each other. Gewurztraminer is known for its saltiness, so you may want to opt for something that gives a good contrast, such as cow’s milk cheese. Another good cheese is capocollo, which possesses the soft, sweet hints needed for this wine.



Team with Thai

Gewurztraminers come with exotic hints, such as ginger and lychee. It’s known, therefore, to be the perfect wine for oriental dishes, as they often work well with the flavours found in Gewurztraminer. Thai meals, such as beef satay and coconut curry are a favourite Gewurztraminer pairing for many. Thai is less spicy than most Asian styles of cooking, complementing the wine more effectively.

Delicious duck

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to wine and food combos team white wine with white meat, as their light character makes it more suitable for delicate, flavour-light meats. Gewurztraminer works wonderfully with many white meats, but we’d suggest you opt for duck. The wine has a crisp acidity and floral aroma, with notes of rose, which makes it taste absolutely great with this fatty white meat.

Try truffles

If you want to get luxurious, truffles are a good way to go, when it comes to finding foods which work with Gewurztraminer. You should be a bit careful here though, as only certain Gewurztraminers are suitable for truffles, which are known for their nutty, slightly woody taste. Industry blog Wine Dharma advises you to pick wines that holds notes of earthy kerosene and hydrocarbon to do this one right.

Eggy dishes

Are you a fan of eggy dishes, such as quiche lorraine and egg rolls? If so then Gewurztraminer is the wine for you, as it goes amazingly with any dishes that relies heavily on eggs. It’s a wonderfully creamy, rich wine, which makes the egg pairing a viable option, presenting a combo your taste buds will love!

Buy Gewurztraminer

Gewurztraminer is a warm, spicy, sweet white wine, known for its vast array of flavours. This means that it can make a wonderful wine for your next dinner party, as long as you consider what to serve carefully beforehand. It’s also key that you pick the right Gewurztraminer and we can help you out here. Why don’t you buy the Xavier Armand Alsace Gewurztraminer, a classic example of this amazing style of wine, from Ideal Wine Company today, so you have a great wine for your next occasion!